Velasco Environmental Services LLC

Velasco Environmental Services LLC.  Is a full service environmental consulting firm in Los Angeles, California.  VES offers a comprehensive range of customized Industrial Hygiene, remedial construction/safety & compliance. VES has been providing private, commercial, industrial and residential services with specialized environmental consulting, engineering and remediation services through out the Western United States.  Our experience commitment to professional project assessment, planning and management has made VES a leader in the environmental consulting industry.  VES can provide the following services:

Comprehensive Asbestos Consulting Services 
  Comprehensive, Limited and Pre-Demolition Surveys 
  Preparation of Removal Plans and Specifications
  Abatement Project Management and Oversight
  Bulk (PLM) Sampling and Air (PCM) Sampling
  On-site Analysis (NIOSH 582) or Air Samples(Olympus CH2 Microscopes)
  Operation and Maintenance Programs (O&M)
Comprehensive Lead Consulting Services
  Comprehensive, Limited and Pre-Demolition Surveys
  Preparation of Removal Plans and Specifications
  Abatement Project Management and Oversight
  Paint Chip, Dust (laboratory approved/wet wipes) 
Air & Soil Sampling
  Niton 300 XL X-Ray Fluorescent Spectrum Analyzers (On-site LBP Testing)

• Radon Measurement Testing Services 
  Real State Transactions 
  Residential & Commercial Buildings
  Unified School Districts & Charter Schools

Biological Hazard Management Services
  Mold and Fungi Inspections and Testing
  Bacteria/Sewage Screen Investigations
  Soot/Fire Assessments Services
  Indoor Air Quality Assessments & Testing (IAQ’s)
Comprehensive Hazardous Material Services
  PCB, CFC, Mercury Vapor/Ampule Inspections
  Abandoned Chemical (Petroleum or Solvent) Disposal Plans
  Unknown Chemical Identification and Lab Packing
Environmental Site Assessments ESA I & ESA II Services 
  Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments        
Cal-OSHA, DOSH, & CDPH Training Courses
  Cal-OSHA Worker Negative Exposure Assessments  
  Cal-OSHA Respirator Fit Testing 
  Cal-OSHA Class III Asbestos O&M Initial and Refresher Courses
  Cal-OSHA Class IV Asbestos Awareness Courses 
  DOSH Approved AHERA Asbestos Courses
  CDPH Lead Base Paint Awareness Courses